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America's #1 Rated Pilates & Physical Therapy Fitness Center.
Offering: Physical Therapy, Pilates EXERCISE & AUTHENTIC Pilates Teacher Certification

Performing Arts Physical Therapy, Inc. (PAPT) and The Pilates Studio® of Los Angeles is known as the first health and fitness center in Southern California, and one of the first in the world, to integrate authentic Pilates exercise and orthopedic rehabilitation.


Since 1992, we have offered physical therapy services to clients needing careful guidance through their recovery following an injury, or for those simply coping with pain. We provide an experienced, licensed staff to accommodate each client and cater to their individual needs. Our unique approach has earned us the trust and respect of our clients and peers, allowing us to maintain an excellent reputation in the medical and fitness communities.


Our Pilates personal training department includes fitness professionals trained in the authentic method of Joseph Pilates work and have varied experience in dance, movement, yoga, and other body therapies, so that they can best understand how to fine tune Pilates fitness programming for clients who want to build a better body. Thorough knowledge of the body is key in discovering one's strengths and weaknesses.

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Physical Therapy

Discover the power of our unique approach to physical therapy — an approach that’s helped some of the world’s best athletes and performers take every step with exceptional strength and confidence. Treatments work with, not against, the natural functions of your body — to relieve pain and promote healing.         

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Pilates Services

  • Pilates Exercise

    The Pilates method of exercise focuses on building a healthy, injury-free body by encouraging controlled and concentrated movement. It centers the body with breathing awareness while maintaining a dynamic flow (dynamic spinal stabilization).               .         

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