• “I have referred patients to Performing Arts Physical Therapy for at least five years. I find their work to be professional, thorough, and detailed. PAPT is advanced, but people-oriented, and uses Pilates in sophisticated ways to help rehabilitate my patients to their pre-injury levels of health and even beyond!”David Schechter, MD
    Sports/Family Medicine
    Beverly Hills, CA
    US News Top Doctor 2011-12
    Author, "The MindBody Workbook"
  • “I have been working with Melinda Bryan for over 5 years now and have developed a great trust in her hands on skills and bedside manner. Her background in dance, core training, and biomechanics is very helpful in facilitating recovery in our patients. Melinda and her staff provide excellent work to get our patients back to being pain free!”STEVEN E. SAMPSON, D.O.
    Clinical Instructor of Medicine, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
    Founder, The Orthohealing Center
  • “Melinda Bryan and her team have been providing superior physical therapy to my patients over the last few years. Her unique integrative approach incorporates a strong dance background with Pilates, for optimal spine and abdominal core strengthening which is essential for recovery. I truly appreciate the therapists' attention to alignment and form, and I know my patients are getting the a specific exercise regimen that is needed for their particular condition or multitude of diagnoses. The feedback I get from patients is always positive, and patients are always thanking me for sending them to Performing Arts Physical Therapy. I am extremely confident and happy with the care my patients receive with Melinda's team.”Danielle Aufiero, MD
    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
    Orthohealing Center, Los Angeles
  • “The therapists at Performing Arts Physical Therapy have been taking care of my patients for about 10 years. I have also had a few appointments there myself for a neck strain I sustained while biking. They have always been professional and I have had great reviews from all my patients. My patients have had all their clinical needs meet, which makes me very happy. The staff is also good at following up and informing me about the progress of each patient, which is very helpful for a doctor. I highly recommend Performing Arts Physical Therapy.”Isidore Kwaw, MD, Internal Medicine
  • “I just wanted to thank you guys from deep in my heart. When I came in the other day, I was very,very, fatigued. So much so that I am surprised that I believed I could even make it through 5 minutes of exercise. I KNEW though that you would take care of me. My body and my soul, all of you. You guys and your place is so special, restorative, loving and supportive I couldn't even explain it in words if I tried. Thank you for being who you are and for doing what you do!”B. Bergstrom, RN
    Medical Expert for Fox TV's "House"
  • “The staff at Performing Arts Physical Therapy & The Pilates Studio, is competent and friendly. Melinda, Aggie, the physical therapists and Dana the office manger are all great. I love going there because they help me and because of the cozy, warm atmosphere. Keep up the good work.”E. Herrmann, Los Angeles
  • “Thanks to the highly trained and compassionate therapists at Performing Arts Physical Therapy, I’m now able to get around quite easily without the use of a walker or a cane.  Their care of me after my less-than-satisfactory hip replacement surgery had wonderful results.  I would recommend them to anyone in need of body work."Nina Shipman Bremer
  • “I’m very grateful to Melinda – She really has had a very positive impact on my life. A couple of years ago, my orthopedist suggested that I receive injections to help my back pain. I wanted a more natural approach. My search led me to Melinda and the lovely team at PAPT. In time and with lots of nurturing, I began to notice a definite change in my level of pain. Melinda has even given me a Pilates routine to do each morning. This has really changed my quality of life. I thank Melinda each morning when I’m doing my “Melinda’s!” I heartfully recommend her and the PAPT team.”Harris Shepard
  • “Performing Arts Physical Therapy is the only place in Los Angeles where     you receive comprehensive, holistic rehabilitation for injuries in a warm environment with support staff that goes the extra mile to facilitate wellness.  This is a physical therapy company that focuses on healing as opposed to  illness and it’s apparent from the moment you walk in to the last stretch or exercise completed.  The staff is highly trained, with fantastic interpersonal skills that enable the patient to focus on healing.  I would recommend PAPT    to any person that needs rehabilitation and is looking for a supportive environment to achieve results. “Naomi Stal
  • “Melinda Bryan is without question one of the finest health professionals I have ever had the great fortune of working with. And she is without a doubt the finest physical therapist I have ever had the pleasure of being healed by. I have suffered many injuries, accidents and surgeries and therefore participated in a lot of physical therapy rehabilitation. I have experienced treatment after treatment that was mediocre at best or just simply uninspired. That all ended the day I started rehab at Performing Arts Physical Therapy. I will forever be grateful to the doctor’s assistant who referred me to Performing Arts because it changed my life. I was in the process of being treated by a different office and was very frustrated that I didn’t feel I was making significant progress. Melinda Bryan and her staff are so superior at what they do that within a short time of starting at her practice, I improved. By the end of my therapy, my doctor was so impressed that the work I did at Performing Arts Physical Therapy resulted in my injured limb having greater range of motion over my non injured limb. Melinda is skilled, knowledgeable and innovative. She is a wonderful, teacher, trainer and healer. All I can say is ‘Thank you Melinda for all the wonderful good you do in this world!’ “Jessica Nathan
  • “I was a client at Performing Arts Physical Therapy, for approx. 6 months, recovering from a partial knee replacement. The individualized recovery plan and attention to my needs definitely hastened my recovery. The staff is well trained, talented, and a pleasure to deal with; always greeting you with a smile.  Having been to other physical therapy locations, I can honestly say that this is the best I have ever encountered. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Performing Arts to any of my family or friends that are in need of their services.”Saul Bernstein
  • “After recovering from a very complex cervical spine surgery, I began attending Performing Arts Physical Therapy to begin the difficult and arduous process of increasing mobility to my upper back and cervical spine.  My experience at Performing Arts has been nothing but positive.  From the friendly staff to the very thought out recovery regimens, Performing Arts has exceeded my expectations.  Even better, my mobility and confidence increases week by week based on the tailor made therapies and exercises implemented by Performing Arts.  I am very pleased with Performing Arts and cannot recommend it more highly.”Richard O